Masks With A Message


Handmade masks that share an important message!

Let's help educate and spread awareness while also helping preventing the spread of COVID-19

Empowering others to find their strength. Fitness keeps my body strong, healing from past trauma keeps my mind strong, and sharing my passions keeps my spirit strong 

Masks With A Message 


Custom Coaching

Your customized program

You have unique goals so you need a unique program!

I will design a program just for you and be there to support you 100%, every step of the way!

Spots limited, please inquire about availability

Feedback from my Custom Coaching

Stacey MacNevin

"I love the structure and simplicity of Jesse's plans. They are easily accomplished at home no matter what is going on in the day. She includes clear directions and videos for each exercise, with suggestions for regressions and progressions and working with what you have. Her plans feel well thought out and I have found that finally, I am achieving the results I want physically! Nothing is overnight and I respect that Jesse's workout approach involves consistent clear and motivating training that builds results through a commitment to training. More than worth the money."

About Me

I am a mother of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). I am a small animal Veterinarian at an animal shelter. My fitness journey started after 7 years of inactivity, when I realized I was taking care of everyone else, but neglecting myself. It all started with a promise to myself to workout 3 days a week. This promise and lifestyle change sparked my new found love for fitness and movement, and lead me to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer 3 years later. 


Now I help others to reclaim fitness in their busy lives through online training. My mission is to help others get strong, live healthy, and feel empowered! 

I do like to stay busy, but if you find me sitting with my feet up I probably have a cat on my lap, a dog by my feet, and a coffee in my hand! With 4 kids and 5 animals in my house I am used to a certain level of chaos and I know how challenging managing a career, a household, and your own health and wellness can be!

I believe the key to success is making sustainable fitness and diet changes. Small, realistic changes, that you can sustain over the long term so that they become part of your lifestyle. It is for that reason I don't offer any diet plans or fat loss programs. I do however offer programs that will help you gain strength, cardiovascular conditioning and teach you strategies to fuel your body properly, make healthy choices, so that you will look AND feel healthy!

The name "Melgignat" means strong in Mi'kmaq (my Indigenous heritage) and I chose that name when I was starting my fitness journey because that was my goal. I wanted to be a healthier stronger version of myself! 

My newest fitness goal is to become a fancy shawl dancer! Fancy shawl is an Indigenous pow wow dance style. It is one of the most athletic dance styles and I cannot wait until the day I dance in full regalia (traditional outfit containing: shawl, dress, moccasins, yoke, cape, beaded earrings, hair clip etc. ) at a pow wow. Fancy shawl training is proving to me that it is never too late to start learning a new skill, that fitness comes in many forms.

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