I seriously loved this circuit!

3 minutes of heart pumping cardio alternating with a killer strength circuit

= crazy metabolic burn!

For the cardio portion you will need a Lebert Fitness HIIT Training System

The HIIT system is a solid strap that glides smoothly between a metal ring near the anchor point. You can use this tool for dynamic strength training (pulling or pushing against your own resistance) or for cardiovascular training and even suspension training as we are going to do in today's workout!

For the strength portion you will need some kettlebells or dumbbells!

Workout Directions

2 circuits: 1 cardio + 1 strength

Circuit 1: 30 sec each move, back to back

  1. Speed rows

  2. Side to side squat hops

  3. Swimmers

  4. Star jumps

  5. Runners

  6. Lunge and twist

Circuit 2: 10 reps each move, back to back

  1. Single hand KB swing

  2. Deadlift/squat/bicep curl

  3. Clean to overhead press

  4. Halos

  5. V-ups

4 rounds!


1. Unilateral Speed Rows

  • Alternating rowing side to side

  • Goal is to do this exercise as quickly as possible without losing tension on the straps

  • Increase the difficulty by pulling back and opposing with the opposite arm

  • Back straight

  • Knees slightly bent

  • Targets back and biceps

2. Side to Side Squat Hops

  • Face towards anchor point

  • Sit down into squat position

  • Hop side to side staying low the entire time

  • Can have a slight bend in arms

  • These burn!

  • Targets quads and glutes

3. Swimmers

  • Keep back straight but you can lean forward (hips hinged)

  • Bent knees, hip width apart

  • Elbows locked

  • Targets back and triceps

4. Star Jumps

  • Facing anchor

  • Start in low squat position

  • Explode up moving your arms to the side at the top of your jump

  • Targets quads, glutes, and shoulders

5. Runners

  • Facing away from anchor point

  • Place handles under armpits so that your upper body is partially supported

  • Lift knees as fast as possible

  • Simulates running in place

6. Jumping Lunge with Twist

  • Face away from anchor point

  • Find a distance away so that when you raise your arms up they are straight overhead

  • Alternate switching lunge jumps

  • Twist to the side that has the forward leg each jump

  • Targets quads and obliques


1. Single Hand KB Swings

  • Hinge at hips each swing

  • Thrust weight forward using glutes not arms

  • Modify by using 2 hands

  • Targets glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, lats, and core

2. Deadlift Squat Bicep Curl

  • Compound movement that flows between the 3 exercises

  • Straight leg deadlift (hinge at hips, straight back, feet hip width or just wider)

  • When coming back up from DL, shoot weight into upright position for squat

  • At the bottom of the squat position perform the bicep curl

  • Targets quads, glutes, hamstrings and biceps

To play this video, view this post from your live site.

3. Clean to Overhead Press

  • Alternate sides

  • Start with KB on ground, clean to start position

  • Overhead press, making sure to keep abs engaged and ribs tucked

  • Modify by doing strict 1 arm overhead press and then switching sides

  • Targets shoulders

4. Halos

  • Rotate weight around head and infant of chest

  • Alternate directions

  • Keep core engages and rest of upper body fixed in position

  • Targets core and shoulders

5. V-ups

  • Start laying flat on mat

  • "Snap" your legs and arms up towards the middle simultaneously

  • Keep your arms and legs as straight as possible

  • Make sure you don't have any coning of the abdomen

  • Modify by doing 1 leg at a time

  • Targets abs

Try this out and let me know what you think!

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