Updated: Jan 27, 2020

All you need for this workout is a timer and a set of Lebert Fitness Equalizer bars! Let's go!


Thank you for joining us in our final workout from our JANUARY AB CHALLENGE! If you are not currently a member of our Lebert Fitness Health and Wellness Group please feel free to pop over to Facebook and join in on the fun!

In the Health and Wellness group we share information about fitness, health, nutrition and more! Each Monday we feature a new move using the Equalizer bars and once a month a complete workout. At the end of each month one lucky winner will get to take home some Lebert Fitness Swag. This month the winner will get to choose from the t-shirts shown below (scroll to end).

To enter the contest:

  1. Post a video on Facebook of you trying the single moves or the full workout

  2. Tag us (Lebert Fitness Health and Wellness Group)

  3. Use the hashtag: #lebertfitnessHWGchallenge

And you will be entered to win! It is that easy :)

Workout Directions

There are 5 exercises for this workout. Do each move in a row as a circuit.

  • Option 1 : Work 40 sec, Rest 20 sec

  • Option 2: Work 45 sec, Rest 15 sec

Do the circuit 4 times = 20 mins total

1. Squat + Hip Opener

  • Alternate a bodyweight squat with a leg sweep over a single bar

  • Sit weight back in heels with squat

  • Make sure your back stays straight and does not start to curve at bottom of squat

  • Can make easier by only doing hip openers over the bar and omitting the squat

  • Can make bar lower by resting on side (with handle toward you)

  • Can make harder by adding a hop and some speed to the hip openers

2. Knee Ups

  • Start in high plank position with arms stacked (shoulders, elbows, wrists in a line)

  • Place bars shoulder width apart

  • Abs engaged

  • Back straight

  • Pelvis tucked

  • Use momentum to swing forward and bring your knees towards your chest

  • Shoot your feet back again to return to plank

  • To make easier start with feet in front of your body, knees bent, and just bring one knee towards chest at a time, no momentum

  • To make harder start from a suspended position and pull knees towards chest, no momentum

3. Heismans

  • Place both bars on the ground as shown, equal distance apart

  • Start with inside knee elevated

  • Coordinate your arm drives with your feet movement

  • Step in and over each bar as quickly as possible with a pause at each end

  • To make easier keep knees lower and move at a slower pace

  • To make harder pump arms harder, lift knees higher, and increase speed

4. Mountain Climbers

  • Start in an elevated plank position

  • Place bars shoulder width apart

  • Alternate sides, driving knee in towards hands while keeping upper body fixed and core engaged

  • Make easier by slowing down and stepping legs in one at a time

  • Make harder by speeding up your pace

5. In and Outs

  • Start on the ground with one bar in front of you

  • Balance yourself by placing your hands slightly behind you

  • Keep feet off ground the entire time

  • Engage and use abs to keep yourself in this modified V-position

  • Make easier by omitting the sweep over top of the bar

  • If the in-and-out portion is still too challenging you can alternate tapping heels to the floor while in V-position

  • Make harder by leaning back more and increasing your ROM that your feet travel

Lebert Fitness Health and Wellness Group Members

Don't forget to tag us in your video and use the hashtag #lebertfitnessHWGchallenge for a chance to win some Lebert Fitness apparel! Options for the winner are shown below:

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