Current Challenge!

Recommended equipment: 

  • Dumbbells

  • Minibands

  • A step (could use a couch or ottoman)

Duration of challenge:

  • 4 weeks

Number of "challenges":

  • 1 per day!

  • 4 workouts /week

  • On your rest days you will have a health task/challenge to complete 

Length of workouts:

  • 20 min - 45 mins (but you can adjust sets if you are short on time)

How you win!

  • If you complete all the workouts and health challenges you will WIN BACK 1/2 your registration fee in cash!

How the challenge is delivered:

  • You must get the WIX app from the App Store and become a member of my site to register

  • You must mark each task complete as you go (I will be monitoring this through the app)

  • All videos are provided in the VIDEO LIBRARY on my website

  • Videos show proper form and modifications!

  • I am also available to help all along the way! (There is a chat feature on the WIX app we can easily chat back and forth)

    • YouTube - White Circle

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